The Candela Structures


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Web site text: Paul Lukas
Web site design: Kirsten Hively
Inspiration: Buildinglets by the Bay
Rocket fuel: Diet Coke and Stumptown.
Exhibition title font inspired by: View-Master

Our heartfelt thanks go to the following people and organizations, without whose help this project would not have been possible: Abby Aguirre,Trish Bertuccio, Eileen Boyce, David Brown, Lori Baker Brown, Dorothy Candela, Mary Ellen Coghlan, Bill Cotter, Susan Dominus, Jackie Ferrara, Sarah Frank, Deb Galloway, Maria Garlock, Bill Hamilton, Mike Kraus, John Krawchuk, the New York City Department of Parks & Recreation, Owens Corning, Joan Osgood, Janet Parks, John Pender, Scott Price, the Queens Museum of Art, Steven Rizick, Fred Schwartz, Andy Stafford, Chuck Stafford, Katrina Stafford, Taylor Strubinger, Scott Turner, Susan Ulseth, the United States Coast Guard, Amy Virshup, Louise Weinberg, Wick York, and of course the City Reliquary.